Drama Trip Turned Shopping Spree

So while in Auckland for a drama trip, one of my friends pointed out a store to me. As soon as I stepped inside I felt like I had found heaven. I ended up getting my brother’s birthday present for tomorrow (I won’t say what it is in case he sees this), and I may or may not have bought a few records…

Yeah. Hipster as all hell. I never thought I would reach this level of Hipster…

I grabbed a couple of albums by artists that I’ve heard of (at least that way I know I won’t hate them, though I’m not really too fussed with music), and one from a completely unfamiliar band, so hopefully I’ll like it.


Oh, and my friend and I took a total of 31 selfies on the bus to Auckland. Well done to us I suppose.

Oh, and we saw a play. It was great. 10/10 would watch again A+ acting c:


Illness and Monochrome

I’m sick. It sucks, especially with the school ball in a few days. I hope I feel way better by then… This is the second day I’ve had off school this week, and it’s irritating because my grades are going to start slipping. I suppose there’s nothing that can be done for it though…

Also I made a monochrome aesthetic blog on Tumblr, feel free to follow it at http://hebetudenous.tumblr.com/


they didn’t turn out bad so much as just not right… They still taste good though! It was my first attempt and I think I may have used the wrong type of rice flour. Also they’re green cos I used … Continue reading

Three Week Catch Up

I know I haven’t posted in forever, and I’m sorry. So in this post I’m going to talk about everything that’s happened over the past few weeks!
Well, three weeks ago I turned 16 and one of my best friends turned 19. I didn’t get much, though what I did get was money and that’s pretty much all I wanted. My best friend however had a big sleepover and we watched several movies; Grave Encounters, The Purge, Dredd, and VHS. That was also the last week of school for the first semester, so after that I had two weeks of holiday.
In the first week of holiday I did quite a lot;
Saturday – Another of my friends celebrated his birthday and had a large group of us go to his place to hang out and play both video and table top games.
Monday – Filming with my media partner and our main actress for our music video. This took us a good couple of hours and was really quite fun; wandering around a vineyard and then messing around in a little grove of trees.
Wednesday – I had my last physio appointment for my sprained ankle (It’s so much better now) and then I had a group of friends come over to finally celebrate my birthday. It was meant to be a movie night, but we just ended up messing around on Siri and hanging out. The next morning we went into town for breakfast before most of the group went to their respective homes. The one person to stay was my ‘Senpai’ who ended up staying another night.
Saturday – The first cosplay picnic. I was dressed as Fionna from Adventure Time and it was loads of fun even if it was cold and wet. After the picnic I went home with a couple of my friends. We watched anime before heading out to go food shopping, picking up another person on the way. The three of them live at a Dorm in town so it’s always interesting hanging out with them. After shopping we all had dinner before I got dropped off home.
Sunday – The second cosplay picnic! This time I was Roxy Lalonde from Homestuck while a lot of my friends went as various trolls from the comic. We took a load of photos though I haven’t seen a lot of them yet.
Monday – My parents left for Britain! They’re there for a month; it’s my cousin’s wedding, and they have to sort stuff out to do with my Grandma who I do believe has gone into a home.
Wednesday – I went to the dentist. Though a lot of people don’t like dentists I really don’t mind them at all. Two of my teeth were fixed up as they had deep grooves (nothing serious, just a precaution so I don’t end up with holes in those teeth).
Thursday – Haircut and birthday party! My hair now has barely any purple in it; only the very tips, so the rest of my hair is dark blonde again. The birthday party was loads of fun and I got to see a couple of my friends from Wellington. It was casual cosplay so I went as Casual!Stuck Rose Lalonde and there was a LOT of pizza c:
Friday – I went round to one of my friends houses for a while before heading into town where I ran into a few of my friends. We then proceeded to go on a group not-date. Heaps of food, messing around, and then a sleepover. We also discovered that three people can JUST fit on a single mattress if they all spoon. That was definitely an interesting night.
Sunday – Another of my best friends had a birthday! His actual birthday was today (he’s 18 now, so old. Why are all my friend adults?) Got to see people again, and I now have dinner plans for just before the school ball! I can only imagine the look on my face when I got asked if I wanted to have dinner… I sorta just pulled my hood over my face completely and i was most likely bright red.
Then school started again.
For cosplay photos check my deviantart; the link is on my ‘Other Sites’ page.

WordPress is Eating my Posts!

Seriously though, a couple of times now I’ve posted stuff and then I come on a couple of days later and it’s not on here… It’s pretty annoying actually .-. So yeah, that’s part of the reason I don’t seem t be posting as much. That and the fact that my life is simultaneously boring as all hell and very hectic right now. School projects. Ew. They’re fun though; creative writing stuff and my music video. I wish I could post my music video once it’s done, but it’s a school thing so…

Oh yeah, and here’s the link to my post that wordpress ate: https://littlemissmacky.wordpress.com/2014/06/24/armageddon-loot

It’s still there, but it isn’t showing up on my blog??? Maybe it’s just my laptop; I don’t know.

Mocks are Over

I finished off exam leave with a workshop yesterday. Not only did I get to see my friends and read lots of adorable fan mail from the local primary school after our Children’s Theatre unit, but we got scripts! One of my best friends and I managed to get one of our favourite scenes for Shakespeare as well; the fight scene from A Midsummer Night’s Dream. It’s pretty much perfect for us as she pretty much IS Helena, and I’m Hermia. Not to mention she’s much taller then me which helps a LOT. We also looked over the characters for our major production of the year. Our school is so lucky as we’re the first ones in the COUNTRY to perform it! c: