Boredom and Baking

Being under the whether, I’ve been getting quite bored lately, and it just so turns out that one of my best friends is in the same position. So today he came over and we made muffins! Overcooked muffins, but muffins non-the-less c:

I can say with very little doubt that his icing is some of the best home made icing I’ve ever tasted, and we even joked about him giving me some for my birthday :P I really wouldn’t mind that…

It’s kind of funny how often things go wrong when we bake together cos on our own we’re both actually rather good. Oh well, we may end up making waffles at some point so I can only hope they don’t turn out how they did last time.


Yesterday was the first day of the holidays for me. It was a very long term; 12 weeks. At least the next one is only 9…

Being the first day of the holidays, I went from about 60 episodes into One Piece, to 91.

I may have a wee bit of a problem… Cos pirates.

Ew Doctors

I don’t have a problem with doctors, I’m just not fond of going because I always get nervous.

Mum wants to take me to a doctor at some point to find out what’s up with me; I keep getting really bad headaches and I actually came home early from school today because I had one. Doesn’t help that I’m tired, stressed, and mentally feel crappy… I’ve been getting by with some migraine medication that we have lying around, but that’s just a short term fix, she wants to find out what’s actually wrong. I do too, I just don’t have the energy or patience to see a doctor. Oh well, it’ll have to happen at some point.

The Funeral

It was sad to say the least. Everyone was very emotional, even me -which I must admit is strange but I have my reasons- but I think it was more because everyone else was crying… Even under the unfortunate circumstances, it was nice to see a lot of my friends again who I don’t often see. In fact I hadn’t seen some of them in several months, but we were all sad and most people ended up crying at some point.

I’m drained, otherwise this would be much more detailed and probably a lot longer, but I just don’t have the energy for that right now.